Boundaries for a Beautiful 2019

Say it with me:
1. It is not my job to fix others

2. It is not my job to take responsibility for others

3. It is not my job to anticipate the needs of others

4. It is ok to say no without explanation or guilt

5. Nobody has to agree with me or understand my decisions

6. I have a right to my own feelings

7. I am responsible for my own healing and happiness

8. I trust my intuition over the opinions of others

9. I am lovable and enough just as I am

Boundaries are some of the most self-loving and trans formative practices you can do for yourself because they naturally shift energy away from the behaviors, dynamics, relationships, and situations that deplete and distract you. 

The more you honor who you are and what you need, the more your life will reflect those priorities and values. 

May 2019 be the year you listen to your heart, follow your intuition, take your power back, stop apologizing for who you are, and trust yourself completely. 
Set your boundaries and commit to a year of more self-love than ever before. ✌️❤️
Script to help others understand, “I didn’t set this boundary to offend or please you. I did it to manage the priorities and goals I have set in my life.”

Remember: The people who get upset about you setting boundaries are the ones who were benefiting from you not having them.