5 Ways to Increase Your Reiki Energy

For some practitioners, Reiki energy is strong, powerful, clear, and apparent. They feel it right away and experience a natural connection with it. For others, it can take some time to establish an authentic relationship with the energy that feels effective and meaningful.

Whether you already feel a clear connection with Reiki, or feel like you need a boost, here are five ways to help you strengthen and deepen your energy healing work:

1)      Set your Intention for Reiki to work through you more clearly and effectively. Remember that your intention is everything when it comes to working with Reiki. I often add my intention into my prayer before I begin a session, stating that I wish to be a powerful and clear channel for my client’s highest good. Create your own affirmations, intentions, and prayers that feel authentic to you and use them often. Your intention for Reiki to become stronger, clearer, and more effective will surely help it happen.

2)      Meditate with Reiki. I have personally found this to be one of the most powerful ways to increase my connection with Reiki. When I sit down for meditation, I invite Reiki into my practice. I have experienced deeper states of relaxation, spontaneous healing, and have learned more about the nature of Reiki by observing how it works with me. If you are Reiki level 2 or higher, use this time to invite the energies of the healing symbols into your practice. You can sit inside each symbol allowing yourself to be completely surrounded by a bubble of healing light or try placing the symbols into chakras for a deeper healing experience. You can get creative with this, so have fun, and let yourself be guided by Reiki throughout the meditation. It’s truly one of my favorite things to do!

3)      Use it! You know the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”? That’s not entirely true for Reiki since once you’re attuned you have it for the rest of your life, but the more you use it, the more your relationship with the energy will strengthen. As your relationship strengthens, the Reiki energy will continue to increase and add benefit to your life. Keep in mind that you might need to keep practicing and using it for awhile before you find your unique connection to it. Dedicate time for self-treatments, offer sessions to others (friends, family members, pets), distant healing, space clearing, and so on. If you don't feel anything happening right away, my biggest suggestion is: don't give up.  Give yourself time to learn this new technique and healing practice. Reiki works with anyone and everyone.

4)      Surrender. Let go of any expectations you have on how Reiki should look, feel or perform. Notice if you have preconceived ideas of how you think it should work and let that go. The way Reiki works with one person might be different than how it works with another. Even with their differences, the variety of ways that Reiki works with each practitioner, are all equally beneficial. Remain open to the possibilities and let Reiki guide and teach you.

5)      Get a Reiki Treatment and/or another Attunement. Sometimes a good Reiki treatment or an additional attunement can be just what you need. When you get a Reiki treatment from another practitioner, the session can be helpful in ‘waking up’ or kickstarting your Reiki. The same goes for an attunement. You can reach out to your Reiki Master and they will likely be happy to offer you an additional attunement at little or no cost.

I hope these suggestions are helpful for you in strengthening your relationship with Reiki. I’d love to hear about your experiences when you’ve had an opportunity to try them out. Please come back and share!