The #1 Myth About Intuition

I hear it all the time and it’s so far from the truth that I’m ready to bust this myth into smithereens.

The #1 myth about your intuition is that it’s difficult to hear.

It’s time to release that belief. Your intuition is not difficult to hear. Your intuition is your most natural and innate form of communication. It is the voice of your soul, the truth in your heart, and wisdom of your body. It’s been with you since before you were born. It’s been communicating with you your entire life. It can never leave you, and it will never stop guiding you. To believe that it’s difficult, is to separate yourself from the very core of your existence.

But, let’s be real…

Sometimes it really does feel difficult!

Here are a few things that happen:

1.       You’ve been ignoring your intuition and not acknowledging the guidance it gives you.

 Each time you ignore your intuition you’re sending the message that it’s not important, needed, or necessary. Over time, this avoidance causes your inner voice to get really quiet, hidden, and small.

The Remedy: Set the intention that it is easy to hear your intuition. Affirm to yourself that your intuition will get louder, clearer, and more accurate every single day.

And then, every time you hear it, fully commit to following through with the guidance you receive. Do this every single day, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it will come back to you.


2.       You trust other people’s ideas and opinions more than you trust yourself.

Self-doubt is a sure-fire way to silence your intuition. Every time you place your trust outside of yourself, you give your power away and weaken the strength of your own inner compass. It’s absolutely ok, and often very beneficial, to receive insight and guidance from trusted family members, friends, therapists, and other supportive people in your life, but when it comes down to your true purpose, passion, and potential, your inner guide needs to be your number one resource. No one knows you better than yourself. No one knows the exact depth of the call you feel in your heart. No one else knows exactly how much your passion lights you up. No one knows exactly the way your soul is guiding you – only you do. But you’ll never fully align with this wisdom if you keep thinking the answers to your life are ‘out there’ instead of ‘in here’.


The Remedy: Start trusting yourself again. There aren’t any short-cuts on this. You just have to decide you’re going to do it. Over time you will begin to see that your intuition is worthy of your trust. You’ll learn first-hand the power of living in alignment with your inner voice, but it can’t prove it to you until you take the leap.

 From now on when you get advice from someone else, take it with a grain of salt. Hear it out, but always measure it up against your own inner guide to see if it resonates with your truth. Eventually, you’ll begin to weed out the untruths passed down to you from others, while clearly grounding into who you really are and what matters to you most.

Learning to fully trust yourself again can take some time, so don’t be too hard on yourself through this process. The more you continue to trust your intuition, the quieter your self-doubt will become.

3.       You’ve been living in a state of overwhelm

When your stress level is high, tension takes over and pollutes your intuitive clarity. It’s difficult for your soul to effectively communicate to you through layers of mental clutter, never-ending to-do lists, overpacked schedules, unresolved emotions, and high levels of cortisol streaming through your system.

The Remedy: Regularly take time to slow down, breathe, and relax. Yoga and meditation are great tools for amping up your inner voice. Both of these practices help slow down your brainwaves and relax your body, giving your soul the opportunity to resurface.  You can also try adding in more quiet, soothing activities, such as: taking a walk outside without headphones, turn off the music in your car while you’re driving, turn off the background noise of the TV, or soak in a warm bath without a book or device. These are simple everyday ways you can begin to intentionally clear out external stimuli and clutter to create the space for your soul to speak.

As I share this last piece of advice, I can’t help but feel excited and hopeful for you. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you begin to hear your intuition when you simply begin to slow down and create the space for it to do so, because like I have been saying: your intuition is not difficult to hear. It’s right here beneath the surface of your everyday busyness. All it needs is a little space to surface to help guide you on your way.

The next time you begin to feel like your intuition is difficult to hear, give these three remedies a solid effort for at least a week. I have no doubt that you’ll begin to realize how easily your inner voice perks right back up giving you the clarity, insight, and guidance you need to confidently navigate the path ahead.