Take a Deep Breath in, Let it out, and Trust Yourself.

Like any couple with two young children, my husband and I were fantasizing about spending our eighth anniversary away from home overnight somewhere kid-free. “Oh, the sleep we could get!” we thought, but every time we started to make our plans, I kept feeling this voice inside tell me that we were not supposed to go anywhere, that we needed to stay home.

So, we listened.

Sure enough, that weekend, the weekend we would have been out of town, we woke up to our basement flooded from a recent rainstorm.


This past winter I was invited to go on a tropical vacation to an island in the Caribbean. Both my husband and mom were encouraging me to go. I mean, who passes up a tropical vacation in the dead of Minnesota winter?! A crazy person, that’s who. A crazy person whose intuition was saying loud and clear, “Do Not Go.” I’m so glad I listened, because the week I would have been out of the country, my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. If I had gone, I wouldn’t have been home with my husband on one of the most difficult days of his life.


My whole plan since I was in 7th grade, was to be a psychologist. I went to every career day focused on counseling, social work, and psychology. I took every psychology class in high school, including AP psych (aced it), and then went on to be the psychology teacher’s class assistant. I was a nerd for the stuff! So of course, I went to college to pursue my dream.

During my senior year of college, I began finalizing graduate school plans. Every single time I sat down to look at my options and explore the application process, I felt this gut instinct that I wasn’t supposed to pursue it. I ignored this feeling for a while. It didn’t make sense to me. Going to grad school had always been the plan. If I didn’t go, then what?

Eventually, the voice inside of me got so strong and determined to steer me away from that direction, that I had to listen. I remember the moment vividly. I remember feeling an internal release of tension, like my soul was saying, “finally…she’s listening.” I literally had no idea what the next step was going to be, I just knew grad school wasn’t an option any more. This was not an easy time. I felt very lost and unsure. My whole life plan suddenly wasn’t available to me for a reason beyond any logical understanding at the time.

About nine months after graduation, my life started to drastically change. By what I can only describe as God’s hand, I was guided into energy healing, spirituality, and intuition development. I was an atheist at the time. I didn’t believe in anything beyond this physical experience, so having first-hand encounters with spirit and universal life force energy really threw me for a loop. My heart and soul were celebrating but my mind took a little longer to grasp the beauty, healing, and truth of the unseen.

Here I am over ten years later doing the work that I was born to do. I wouldn’t have found the way if I let my intellect do all the decision making. My heart and soul knew the plan all along, all I had to do was listen and trust the still, small voice within.


I’m sharing these examples with you today because I want to drive home a really important point about your intuition: Your Intuition doesn’t always make sense in the moment, but your intuition always makes sense later.

So often it is thought that in order to trust your inner voice, you need to know the whole picture, you need to know why you’re guided in a certain direction, but that is rarely the case.

Following your intuition is not the logical, linear, clearly-defined path our mind perceives as predictable and safe. Spirit doesn’t work that way. Following your intuition is often unconventional, creative, and surprising requiring you to trust and have faith in a wisdom beyond your full understanding.

I’ve learned first-hand time and time again, that there’s a loving, all-knowing force that has your best interest at heart. It guides you towards growth, healing, purpose, and possibility. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t be as happy and fulfilled as I am today if I hadn’t listened to my soul steer me where to go.

I want that for you, too. I want you to fully experience a relationship your intuition, so you can see its magic play out in your life. The best part of this, is that there aren’t any special tools or products needed. It’s free and with you all the time. All that is required from you is courage and faith, and I know you can do that.

Just for today, ditch the doubt and the desire for it to all make sense. You were born with the map of your life within you. Your heart and intuition hold the directions for this map. Take a deep breath in, let it out, and trust yourself.

You’ve got this.

You always have.