To all of my teachers, Thank you. Your wisdom, teachings, guidance, love, and support mean the world to me. I am so grateful for your presence in my life.

Professional Certifications & Degrees: B.A. Psychology and Women's Studies, Certified 200 hour Yoga Instructor, Certified Soul Coach, Certified Past Life Coach, Certified Gateway Dreaming Coach, Somatic Experiencing Basics Level 1& 2

Chanda Parkinson (Intuition Development, 2008)

Shannon Knight (Intuition Development, 2008-2009)

Echo Bodine (Intuition Development, 2009)

Jeanne Troge (Reiki I, II, Master, 2009)

Denise Linn (Soul Coaching Certification, Past Life Certification, 2009)

Seane Corn (Yoga, Activism, Off the Mat, Into the World, 2014)

Hala Khouri (Trauma-Informed Yoga, Activism, Off the Mat, Into the World, 2014)

Suzanne Sterling (Activism, Off the Mat, Into the World, 2014)

Emily Darling (Yoga Teacher Training, 2014)

Christy Burnette (Yoga Teacher Training, Activism, Seva, 2014)

Sami Aaron (Yoga Nidra, 2016)

Peter Levine & SE Staff (Somatic Experiencing, 2016-2017)

Tara Brach (mindfulness/meditation)

My parents, my first and most influential teachers

My husband, for teaching me how to receive your unconditional love

My children, for showing me the miracle of life, love, and motherhood

and, finally,

Love, my greatest guru of all.