"Micara, I am in tears. I can feel this is truth! I am so grateful that I listened to myself and had a session with you before doing anything else. Thank you so much!" - Crystal Franco, LMT, RMT, Minnesota,

"Micara is a compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul's truth."- Denise Linn, Founder International Institute of Soul Coaching, California,

"Micara, you are an absolute godsend! I'm incredibly grateful to you for helping me with some issues that have been holding me back for too long. I'm still processing my session. It was so beautiful!" - A.C., Minnesota

"Thank you a million times over for all that you have given and taught me. You truly are a light!" - Nicole Brandt, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Iowa

"Micara, Thank you. The sessions we've had together have been so valuable and helpful to me. I have been able to let go of some pain that I have carried for years. I'm simply astounded by how much I felt during our sessions. You are very good at what you do. I hope to work with you again someday." - J.E., Minnesota


"Micara, Thank you so much for everything! I can't begin to explain to you how amazing this Reiki experience has been! Because of you and all of the other beautiful people in class, I finally feel more peaceful and full of hope. Thank YOU for being you and lighting the way for others and setting such a beautiful example of how to live." - Nikki Yoder, LMT, Reiki Practitioner, Kansas

"Thank you for such wonderful insight and guidance! I've been reading and reflecting on what you shared with me everyday. Just reading it, I feel a big wave of a release. The insight was spot on - Your accuracy is amazing! I am so glad we did this session. It was so helpful." - Anna Welle, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Health Coach, Reiki Therapist, California

"Micara is a source of true love and light for those who meet and work with her. My sessions and trainings with her have been life changing, to say the least. They've opened a level of intuitive clarity, love and connection with the Divine, within myself and with others that I knew was possible, but was not clear on how to go deeper. Micara's talents and kindness help me and so many others deepen their life journey and personal transformations to be all they were meant to be. If there are angels on Earth, Micara IS one." - Leah Laderach, MS Ed, ACSM-GEI, RYT200, Missouri

"Micara, I truly wanted to thank you for all the sessions we have had together. These sessions have changed me. They have given me happiness and peace. You have a real gift. Thank you!" - C.C., Colorado

"I had a childhood of horrific physical and mental abuse. Later in life, I developed intense debilitating, 24-hour-a-day headaches. I had these headaches daily for 10 years. During the 10 years, I searched for help through many avenues, including several therapists, headache specialists, pain management, and alternative medicine such as acupuncture and reiki. Nothing helped.

Along with my headaches I regularly had volatile anger outbursts and moments of complete disassociation where I couldn’t remember anything.

Finally, at age 68 I saw Micara Link who treated me with Somatic Experiencing (SE) and her special abilities. Within a couple months’ time my headaches decreased drastically, my anger outbursts have lessened, and I no longer disassociate. This is a miracle for me! I’ve had more relief in the past couple months than I have had in years. I notice myself laughing more and feeling joy. I am able to do more things around the house and pursue my interests. My wife and I are even planning a vacation. I still need to work at this, but I believe that someday I will be headache free. I see a new future filled with possibility. I’m getting my life back." - Stanley Miller, Missouri